We are committed to the promotion, performance, and teaching of country music and it's principals to the young and old, and to keep country music entertainment a part of our past, present, and future.

Upcoming Events

The 37th Annual NCMF Festival is coming! Keep checking back for date, venue, and information!

CONGRATULATIONSĀ  to Ron & Leota Griess and Best Wishes to you on retiring December 31, 2016 Sutton American Legion! Thank you for your years of support to the NCMF and looking forward to your continued support!

Continued get well wishes to Ron Grimes who has been ill and is recovering. Please send get well wishes to Ron Grimes, York General Hearthstone, Room 605, 2600 N. Lincoln Ave, York NE 68467.

If you wish to sponsor the 2017 Festival, please contact us at 402-726-2140 or email necmf1@gmail.com


Foundation Events

6/24/2016 - Sutton Dugout Days Karaoke Competition will be held at the Sutton American Legion. 1st place will win $250, 2nd place will win $150, and 3rd place will win $75!! Plan to attend this annual event in Sutton!!!

Recent News

*1/16/2016* Please visit our sponsor page and support our NCMF partners!Ā